Vee Lourenço is a Zimbabwean-born South African bassist currently living in Brussels, Belgium. She completed her Bachelor of Music (Hons.) degree at Rhodes University, South Africa in 2013, and has over 15 years of experience in various musical contexts and across numerous genres as a bassist, composer, performer and recording artist.

Vee performed in productions at The Barnyard Theatres across South Africa and in Zimbabwe (2014), and at the Joburg Fringe Theatre in South Africa (2015). She played a number of corporate events between 2016 and 2018 in South Africa and Vietnam, and was an on-screen artist for the IEC’s national TV and online advert “Hands” in South Africa in 2016. In May 2022, Vee was one of seven featured LGBTQIA+ profiles for the City of Brussels’ Pride Campaign in Belgium.

Vee has been a part of numerous bands in South Africa and Vietnam, most notably Lu-Fuki, Monoheart and Zamina. She has also supported several musicians, live and in studio, including Denys & the Roses in France and Steve Umculo in South Africa. Her most notable live shows are Ancienne Belgique, Belgium (2022), Queer Pride - Back to the Roots, Belgium (2022), Pride of Color, Belgium (2021), Smoking Dragon Festival, South Africa (2018), Afrique Train Fest, South Africa (2018), Sofar Sounds Johannesburg, South Africa (2018), and Quest Festival, Vietnam (2016 and 2017).

Vee is currently collaborating and working on her solo project, vlou.


vlou - Scenes from a Dream (2021)
Denys & the Roses - Isaac Way (2021, bass)
Reets - Tea, Wine & Time (2019, bass)
Lu-Fuki - Coalesce EP (2018, bass, backing vocals and co-production)
Lu-Fuki - Love You at Pace (2018, bass, backing vocals and co-production)
Monoheart - Coils (2018, bass)
Monoheart - Hunted (2018, bass)
Monoheart - Sparta (2018, bass)
Monoheart - Coffee (2018, bass)
Monoheart - Unravel (2018, bass)
Monoheart - Entropy (2018, bass)
Lu-Fuki - Bad Body Odour EP (2012, bass, backing vocals and co-production)

Vee Lourenço

Photo by Gemma Garman